Tours & Détours

Devise Tours & Détours
Tours & Detours opens especially for you well known and high end gastronomic places and vineyards so you can experience one of a kind moments with passionate people, artisans, craftsmen.

You will have the opportunity to have an intimate encounter with the winemakers themselves in their cellars and houses and with chefs in their kitchens all eager to share with you their unique skills.

Meeting with a wine maker
A unique and original concept – you meet a winemaker in private at his winery, usually inaccessible to the general public; you taste his wines in his cellars, have lunch with him in his home – a meal carefully prepared by the lady of the house. A first class program for those who would like to make an authentic and enchanting discovery.
Cheese and Wine tasting
You like wine? You like cheese? So we do ! We will go out to the vineyards and select great French wines for you. We will also go to the best cheese factories to find outstanding cheeses. We will do all of this with one thing in mind: offering you a fantastic wine and cheese tasting experience.
We will suggest you pairings, will explain to you why this cheese might work better with that wine. While you indulge in two of France’s best delicacies, you will learn about French wines and how to pair it with food.
Gourmet walk
Succumb to local specialties. Taste regional products like : gingerbread, blackcurrant liquor, mustard, parsley ham, cheeses…
Cooking lesson
We believe that hands-on cooking classes are the best way to learn new skills in the kitchen. Cooking is also a fantastic shared activity , not only will you enjoy a unique cook and dine experience, you’ll also realise that cooking is fun, accessible and appealing!

All classes are guided by expert chefs who have great passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge. They are all experienced professionals and have cooked in some of the very best kitchens around the world. Upon arrival the group will receive an apron and will prepare a full meal – starter, main dish and dessert.

After the cooking class, participants will then become sommeliers. With the help of a professional, they will learn about the main rules of wine and food pairings. They must then choose which wines will best accompany their team’s dish; learn how to serve and how to present the wines.

The day will conclude with a diner surrounding the prepared dishes and selected wines: and of course everyone’s opinion will be heard!
Bakery experience
A unique occasion: in a real French bakery, be initiated in the world’s famous French bakers!

Discover the secrets of how the crisp baguettes are being made, just right in color and texture and also get to learn about “croissant” by using your own hands in preparing the dough.

You will spend a morning in the baker’s workshop and discover the various preparation steps.

The day starts of course with a breakfast at the bakery where you will get to taste croissants and pains au chocolat. You will then prepare your own dough, bake your baguette, discover the secrets of croissant and discuss with the bakers to know all their secrets!

You will leave at the end of the session with a baguette and a croissant you have baked yourself.
Exceptional gastronomic restaurants
You will be able to choose to dine at numerous Michelin starred restaurants : from the famous Bernard Loiseau to Paul Bocuse, you won’t be disappointed !


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