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Exclusive activities and gala evenings

Tours & Detours are experts in creating magical evenings coming straight from your wildest dreams. Private parties in exceptional locations, themed evenings, out of the ordinary activities, everything is possible…

Unique Banquet in a unique place
Come taste the sophistication of Burgundy cuisine and its traditional conviviality during a mythical evening at the Hospices de Beaune, the customary setting of the gala dinner and closing ceremony for the famous sale of Hospices de Beaune’s wines, entertained by a lively orchestra and actors to light up the famous rooftops with their sparkling enthusiasm.

Just imagine….off an alleyway, go through the gate and find yourself in the XVth century for a private tour of the Hôtel-Dieu. The afternoon reaches its end, the last tourists have left the building, the doors are closed. Just for one evening, this place brimming with stories and anecdotes is all yours!
Wine Casino evening held in a Relais & Château
Have you ever played wine tasting blackjack or wine roulette !

Each guest will receive a wine glass and tokens. They will have the opportunity to place bets and increase their funds and participate at the final auction.
The magic of the Carnival
Ladies and gentleman: come to the world of fun. Awaken your inner child and join us in this special event! During the festivities, engage in some of the many games that are offered! This dream world with playful animations is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste…in a carnival like atmosphere. Many of the attractions will bring back childhood memories. Ring toss, pinwheel and much more!
Diner hosted by a renowned Sommelier
You will enjoy a special dinner for which everything has been personalized, the dishes and the wines which will accompany them.

The dinner, hosted by a renowed sommelier, is the opportunity to learn whilst having funny.

2 wines will be served per dish which will demonstrate the importance of matching the right wine with the right dish.
Quizz evening
Enjoy an evening of fun without moving from your table !

Each team, equipped with an electronic handheld voting device, will have to give the right answers the fastest possible. At the end of each round, the results will be shown increasing the competition between the tables…
On the "Grande vadrouille" trail
Come and discover the places where the famous movie « La Grande Vadrouille » has been shot. Driven in a powerful rear-drive car from the sixties, you will enter the « Kommandantur » which nowadays is home to the town hall of Meursault. You will visit the Hospices de beaune and will fly above the Saint Romain cliffs. And of course always accompanied by nuns.


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