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You will be charmed by its historical, cultural and artistic heritage. You will taste its cuisine and its festive nectar will unreveal all its secrets to you.

We can not wait to make you discover the legacy of its bright history and immerse you in the prestigious realm of the most famous sparkling wines. Whether it be body, spirit, heart or soul, champagnes will unveil all their delicacy and complexity to you.

Join us to the land of bubbles and let your imagination ravel…

We will create for you tailor-made programs combining the world of champagne and the treasures of culinary tradition.


Enter… the secret world of the most famous Champagne Houses, Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart... almost 100 feet underground in Gallo-Roman chalk pits listed as a historical monument, you will visit the most exclusive and striking Champagne cellars. Thanks to the advice of oenology experts, this sparkling nectar in your flute will hold no more secrets for you !

An exclusive setting… Relax in a manor right in the middle of the countryside. In this charming place, overlooking a gigantic Atlas cedar and vineyards, you will enjoy an fantastic lunch.

Culture… Explore the exceptional Côte des Blancs vineyards; Visit Hautvillers, the birthplace of champagne; Enter the buildings listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the famous Reims Cathedral where many Kings of France were crowned, Saint Rémi's Basilica or the Tau Palace…

Savour… Champagne specialties – mustard and vinegar from Reims prepared with champagne, andouillette sausages from Troyes, pink cookies from Reims, chocolates in the form of champagne corks and croquignole cookies from Reims.

Relax… Enjoy golfing at the Chateau des Dames de France; discover the landscape aboard a hot-air balloon or a helicopter.


Be privately welcomed by a renowned estate
Soyez recu en privé dans une maison de renom
Enter the atmosphere of a grand house in the purest local tradition. A member of this institution will tell you about the family’s history and will guide you for an exclusive tour of its cellars. An impressive staircase will lead you almost one hundred feet underground, to a network of tunnels which lead to former chalk pits, listed as a historical monument. This rare moment will continue with an exclusive lunch at the marvelous family estate.
Be blown away
soyez ébloui
Visit a renowned glassmaker’s workshop in the midst of colored lockers, ovens and stained glass being made. This master glassmaker will explain how the magic of light and color works, from the drawing table to the lead glazing including the cutting of the glass. A magical universe made of colors and light. You’ll look at Marc Chagall’s famous stained glass at the Reims Cathedral in a whole new light.
Following in the footsteps of Dom Pérignon
sur les traces de dom pérignon
Dom Pérignon is considered as the spiritual father of champagne. A Benedictine monk, who lived from 1639 to 1715 at the Saint-Pierre d'Hautvilliers Abbey, he was responsible for the effervescence of this region’s wines and discovered the bottle fermentation process now known as the méthode champenoise (champagne method). A passionate native of Champagne will tell you his story, will guide you in the village, and then immerse you in the heart of hearts – the house of Moët & Chandon where you’ll be enchanted by a tasting of its mythical vintage created in honor of this monk…
Cheeses and champagnes… an improbable combination?
fromages et champagnes...
And why not! Even if this union doesn’t seem very natural in theory, and doesn’t make sense between fine, subtle wines and strong-flavored cheeses, we wonder why not... A winner of the title Meilleur Ouvrier de France (one of the best craftsmen of France) will explain, encourage, and praise the fusion of bubbles and cheeses.
Explosive combinations, and appealing to say the least - Camembert and brut champagne; Maroilles and rosé champagne; Comté and vintage champagne; Fourme d’Ambert and demi-sec champagne …
High-profile grape harvests
des vendanges de haute volée
In the midst of the vineyards, in a chateau that still exudes the spirit of the great 18th century writers, come experience the harvesting of wine grapes at a major champagne house. You’ll be in the heart of the action, between the grapevines and the wine press – you’ll take part in the effervescence of this particular period, you’ll admire the vineyards, age-old traditions and various wine making methods. In the prestigious setting of this chateau, you’ll enjoy a lunch together in the grape-harvesting spirit of an exceptional brand of champagne, of which you’ll be the privileged guests.
Thrill seeking and a cocktail in the trees
sensations fortes
Looking for something unusual? Something physically and mentally challenging? Conquer your initial fear of being up high in the trees, and try the obstacle course – a rope bridge, zipline, climbing, rappelling…Celebrate your exploits with a champagne cocktail, perched 20 feet high in the trees!
Horseback riding through champagne villages
balade équestre
Near Reims, amidst the grapevines, saddle up in a peaceful green backdrop. From beginners to advanced riders, ride across the hillside champagne vineyards and the thick forests of Montagne de Reims. Take the reins and guide your horse wherever you like. Your steed will take you to a charming inn for a superb meal rustled up by the lady of the house.
Visit a chocolate maker
visite d'une chocolaterie
A Master chocolate maker will teach you the life of a cocoa bean up to the moment when it becomes 6 grams of candy. He’ll initiate you with a grand cru chocolate tasting. He’ll also demonstrate how to make cookies such as macaroons and he’ll give you some tips. A truly delicious experience!
Scavenger hunt in the vineyards
rallye pédestre dans le vignoble
A scavenger hunt in the Côte des Blancs vineyards, a new way to discover famous champagne vineyards. Have your guests participate in this pedestrian scavenger hunt that has fun cultural challenges based on champagne and the sommelier’s work. Get ready to do a blind wine tasting and write a song!


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